Update: Fox just released a statement claiming it was her decision to leave the film.

For all of you who complained about Megan Fox’s non-acting self in Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen, she’s no longer a problem. The actress won’t be returning to star in the sequel Transformers 3 according to a recent confirmation from Paramount Studios. We guess Fox’s mouth finally wrote a check her ass couldn’t cash!

Deadline is reporting that the studio decided against renewing the actresses’ contract for Transformers 3 but the decision was ultimately on director Michael Bay’s shoulders. Nikki Finke says that Bay and screenwriter Ehren Kruger are working on the script and looking to give Shia Labeouf’s character Sam Witwicky a new girlfriend. Sources are saying, “Giving Shia a new love interest makes more sense for the story.”

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After the first Transformers catapulted her career into the stratosphere, Fox and Bay had a very public verbal war regarding his directing practices and her lack of interest in the films. A lot of us thought her mouth would get her immediately kicked off the third film but that didn’t happen. She was initially confirmed to return but now that it’s gotten down to the wire and production is about to begin, Bay probably realized he couldn’t deal with her sh*t anymore.

Who do you think should replace Fox in Transformers 3? Did they make the right decision?

Additional Source: CNN