Last week news broke that Twilight alums Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene’s futures were uncertain for the series’ final installment, Breaking Dawn. Apparently, the actors were holding out on signing their contracts in order to get a pay raise from Summit Entertainment. At the time, we weren’t sure how things would play out but according to THR, Emmett and Alice will be back for the sequel.

The trade’s sources are claiming that Lutz and Greene are getting somewhere around $1.25 million for each of the final movies (Breaking Dawn will be broken up into two parts), which is a far cry from the rumored $2 – $4 million they were seeking. The deals were finalized last night after a tough week of negotiations. We’re not sure who caved first but either way the Cullen crew will be back together again.

When the story originally broke, a lot of our readers felt that the two actors were being greedy with their demands. Here’s what some of you had to say:

  • Lola – WHO ARE THEY to demand more money? I say fire them and use the money for better a production.
  • Jennifer – Umm that is a little aggravating…. i don’t want them to be recast, seriously get with the picture you morons….. how do they think they are making their fans feel right now, fans that have stuck by and loved them and supported them??????? WTH
  • Brian – They have been offered 10 times what they originally made, that sounds pretty generous. If they don’t accept it and want to be greedy, I say kick their A$$ to the curb. Greed over money is the root of all evil.

We agree with these comments but we also believe the actor’s did deserve some kind of pay increase due to the popularity of the series. They just got a little overzealous and went too far with what they wanted. They have to remember, they’re not in the holy trinity of Edward, Bella, and Jacob, which means they can be replaced.

How do you feel about Lutz and Greene’s decision to return for Breaking Dawn? Were they wrong for wanting more money?