We have a very solid selection of DVDs this week with a mix of Oscar nominees and early-2010 blockbusters to tide us over until the release of MacGruber on Friday. The critical darlings come in the form of acting powerhouses Invictus and The Messenger along with the first real blockbuster of 2010 Valentine’s Day. Plus there are a few smaller films from earlier in the year that you might have missed out on.

Check it out below…


Valentine’s Day

This is the type of movie that should only pop up once a year. I don’t mean we need to see a hyperlink romantic comedy every 12 months, but it would be nice to watch a movie with a ton of stars. Just an ensemble of big names having a fun time. It doesn’t even have to be in this style.

The best example of the all-star roster romp is It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World but Valentine’s Day didn’t follow its formula in any way whatsoever. That was a caper, this is a rom-com, but they both work. They’re both entertaining.

Lord knows we’ve had enough rom-coms (last year it was He’s Just Not That Into You working in the same way) and action movies never quite work (Smokin’ Aces anyone?), but there has to be something right? The promise of a bunch of stars floating along in a fun movie is just too good to let go. But I can’t think of any. Please, if you have ideas, post them in the comments section.

In the meantime, you can check out this example of a sprawling star montage on DVD for ideas.


It’s strange how some movies get lost. Invictus had no reason not to be a big hit. It had the stars (Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon), the director (Clint Eastwood) and a great sports movie hook. Yet nobody saw it. And even with 10 Best Picture nominee slots open at the Oscars, it still came up short during awards season.

How does something like this happen? It’s simple really: Blame The Blind Side.

As silly as it may seem to compare an apartheid film to a movie about high school football, these two movies really did tread a similar path: Both true stories, both about sports, both touched on racial issues, and both had an uplifting storyline.

The problem? By the time Invictus rolled around, everyone had already seen their inspirational sports flick for the year. There just wasn’t any room for another. That even turned out to be true at the Oscars.

Plus, football always trumps rugby in America. Always.

So, since you probably missed this movie, you might want to check it out on DVD.



Thank goodness for Morgan Spurlock. Without him we’d only have USA’s “Law & Order” spinoff to get us through this TV on DVD week.


  • “30 Days”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”: Season 5 – Buy Now

What DVD will you be picking up this week?