Mark Hamill is a talented actor, producer, and writer and it’s just been announced that he’ll be making his directorial debut with the big screen adaptation of his comic series, The Black Pearl. It’s a five part series that he wrote in the mid-1990s about a vigilante and the sensationalized world of journalism that surrounds him.

Hamill said in the past that the reason a film version of Pearl has taken so long to come about is because studios wanted to turn it into a “megabudget comic book movie,” something he had no interest in doing. This will be the first theatrical release helmed by Hamill, who previously worked on the direct-to-DVD mockumentary Comic Book: The Movie back in 2004.

Since Hamill has an obvious creative investment in The Black Pearl, we’re sure this won’t be your run of the mill comic-based movie. He will be able to guide the project and adapt the story in the way it’s supposed to be. So far, not much information has been given out regarding the production but the actor turned director promises that more details will be revealed during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Are you anxious to see Hamill’s directorial debut with The Black Pearl?