Oscar nominated actress Ellen Page, who’s best known for her performance in the 2007 hit Juno has landed a new gig. According to Cinematical, Page will play a lesbian auto mechanic in the film Freeheld, an adaptation of Cynthia Wade’s award winning documentary of the same name.

Page will play Stacie Andree, the girlfriend of a dying New Jersey police officer named Laurel Hester. In addition to fighting cancer, Hester fights the county to get her pension benefits passed on to her partner. During the time the original documentary was shot such privileges were reserved solely for (heterosexual) married couples not (homosexual) domestic partners (a debate that’s still going on today). The screenplay for Freeheld will be written by Oscar-nominated writer Ron Nyswaner.

Following other mainstream films involving the gay community such as Milk and Brokeback Mountain, this will probably be a tear jerker because it’s tackling a serious issue that a lot of people can relate to. The fact that Page is willing to step up and take on such controversial material is commendable. It looks like she’s getting back to the days of her grittier, edgier self (remember her striking performance in Hard Candy?)

What do you think of Ellen Page’s casting in Freeheld?