CBS isn’t expected to reveal their full fall slate until Wednesday but they’re letting us know well in advance that some of your favorites won’t be returning. If you actually bought Jennifer Love Hewitt playing a psychic detective we’re sorry to inform you that her series “The Ghost Whisperer” is no longer with us. But the network did pick up the remake of Hawaii Five-O instead, “Book’em Danno!”

Early today we found out that “Two and a Half Men” will return for another season with Charlie Sheen in tow, and you can add “Rules of Engagement” to that list as well as “Medium.” Now, here’s the rest of the bad news. Along with “Whisperer” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” the network didn’t renew “Gary Unmarried,” “Cold Case,” “Miami Medical,” “Numb3rs,” or “Accidentally on Purpose.” To be fair a lot of these shows had it coming while others just wore out their welcome.

“Cold Case” and “Numb3rs” in particular had decent runs so there’s no reason to be upset about their cancellation. Aren’t both shows in syndication right now or is that wishful thinking? It is confusing that CBS would pick up something as unoriginal and retreaded as “Hawaii Five-O” to replace one of their staple dramas.

The show is coming to the plate with 2 strikes against it: for one its star is Alex O’Loughlin who’s already appeared in two canceled shows for the network (“Moonlight”, “Three Rivers”) and two, a lot of younger people aren’t familiar with the original. As for the comedy department, they canceled “Old Christine” but kept “Rules of Engagement”? Really? REALLY?! What do you guys think about that?

What do you think about CBS’ latest cancellations? What shows should have stayed?

Source: EW