American screenwriter and film director Cameron Crowe has been confirmed to helm the adaptation of Benjamin Mee’s novel, We Bought a Zoo. According to Collider, Crowe has already begun rewriting Aline Brosh McKenna’s original script, making the film more to his liking.

We Bought a Zoo will center on how Mee and his family used their life savings to buy a dilapidated zoo and filled it with 200 exotic animals facing destruction on the English countryside. Mee along with his children had to balance caring for his wife, who was dying of brain cancer, while dealing with escaped tigers, raising endangered animals, working with an eclectic skeleton crew and readying the zoo for a reopening.

The story is heartfelt but unorthodox at the same time. Crowe is a good addition to the project and rumor has it that Ben Stiller and Matt Damon were offered roles in the film. With Crowe’s history with actor Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky) we’re surprised his name hasn’t popped up as a possibility yet. Who do you think he’ll cast?

Do you think Crowe is a talented enough director to tackle this story? What do you think of the premise for We Bought a Zoo?