Alfred Molina has been making some questionable film choices as of late. He went from co-starring in An Education to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Now according to a report from Deadline, it’s been confirmed that he’ll go toe to toe with Twilight star Taylor Lautner in his new film, Abduction.

Abduction centers on a young man who discovers that the parents who raised him aren’t his real folks, a revelation that triggers events and leaves him running for his life. Lautner will star as the lead, while The Blind Side’s Lily Collins will play his girlfriend.

Molina has been brought on to play “a dogged CIA agent who is one step behind, determined to bring the teenager in alive.” So he’ll be somewhat of the bad guy, much like Tommy Lee Jones was in The Fugitive (wait, did we just compare the greatness of The Fugitive to a Taylor Lautner movie?).

John Singleton is on board to direct from a script written by Shawn Christensen. There’s too much going on in this movie for our taste. Who would have thought that one day Molina would play a supporting character in a film headlined by Lautner?

What do you think of Molina’s addition to Abduction? What do you think of the cast so far?