After news broke that the long running NBC series “Law & Order” had been canceled the television community was in shock. We were well aware that the show’s ratings weren’t stellar but it was only one year away from its record breaking 21st season, a fact that creator Dick Wolf doesn’t take lightly. According to Deadline, the series might find new life on the cable channel TNT.

TNT knows a thing or two about picking up canceled properties. They previously salvaged “Southland” months after NBC took it off its roster. Why can’t they extend “Law & Order” the same courtesy? Today at an NBC luncheon Wolf was overheard saying, “The flagship series is in a medically induced coma, waiting for a live-saving medicine.”

As for TNT, we’re not sure if and when they’ll take on the series because the network execs claim that they’re not “in ongoing discussions about picking up the series for first-run episodes.” That’s what they say now but they did make a play for the show back in 2007 and could return for another bid. Come on TNT, you say you know real drama and the original “Law &Order” is as real as it gets!

Stay tuned because something tells us there’s more to come…

Do you think TNT should pick up Law & Order for its 21st season?