After multiple director changes and actor replacements, we’re shocked that Moneyball is still a developing production. Now that helmer Bennett Miller has taken over, the film’s future is looking a lot more promising. Variety reports that Miller is in talks with the extremely talented Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright to join the cast, which already includes Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill (yeah we know). Could it be? This sounds — and excuse the cliché — too good to be true.

Based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book, Moneyball centers on the 2002 Oakland Athletics, who were led by general manager Billy Beane (Pitt) to an excellent season despite having the lowest payroll in the Major Leagues. If Hoffman signs on, he would play Art Howe, the field manager of Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics; and Wright would play Beane’s ex-wife.

It’s likely that this deal will go through because Miller and Hoffman have worked together in the past; remember Capote, that awesome film that earned Hoffman an Oscar for his performance as the title character? Yeah, that one. The film is scheduled to start shooting around July in Los Angeles, but with Moneyball’s rough history, who knows if that will actually happen.

Do you think the project will finally get made?