The official trailer for season 3 of “True Blood” aired last night during the finale of “The Vampire Diaries.” Isn’t that convenient? The 30 second promo was well worth the wait because we saw all kinds of crazy stuff! Sookie seducing Eric, Tara getting it on with a vamp, Jessica doing “really bad things.” We loved it! Check it out for yourself…

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Did you notice how entranced Eric was when Sookie was talking “dirty” to him?  More than likely she was trying to seduce him to get info about Bill but that scene still looked intense. Also, her close encounter with the new werewolf Alcide wasn’t anything to sneeze at either. Why does she always get all the good looking men? We’re sure if Jason wasn’t her brother they’d probably have something going on too!

The season 3 premiere of “True Blood” will air on Sunday, June 13th, which seems like its light years away. We miss its campiness, its sexiness, and dare we say its vampiness? Is that a word? Probably not but as many vampire properties that have been hitting the small and big screen lately it should be.

What do you think of the new trailer for True Blood? What do you think will happen this season?