We never thought we would say this but, THANK YOU NBC! The network has kicked “Heroes” to the curb after four years that consisted of one good season and three that were visual cancer. Just yesterday we reported on the show’s uncertain future and now it’s been confirmed (doing multiple backflips in a row) that it’s over. Not only that but the network finally decided to give the action comedy “Chuck” another season, along with four new pilots.

This morning the network made the decision to put “Heroes” and audiences out of their misery by deciding against a 5th season. We watched the show from episode one all the way up to this year’s finale and quite frankly it was time to go. NBC needed to make an executive decision and put the show out to pasture. We say good luck and good riddance. The series started with so much promise and intrigue and ended up becoming a shadow of its former self.

None of the characters were likable anymore, even Peter got on our nerves at times. Hiro was annoying, Mohinder’s narration was annoying, Claire was annoying, Niki/Jessica/Tracy sure as hell were annoying, you get the picture. All we can say is thanks for a good first season and jump-starting Zachary Quinto’s career but everything else will be blocked out of our collective memory.

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On a positive note, “Chuck” has been renewed for another season (score!) and will be back to kick-ass and take names this fall. Despite all the time slot changes viewership for the show continues to grow so NBC has decided to stick with it and see what happens. They’ve also green lit three more dramas and one comedy entitled, “The Cape,” “Outlaw,” “Harry’s Law” and  “Friends With Benefits.

When it comes to that age old argument of “Lost” vs “Heroes,” we know who won that battle. “Lost” is going out by choice, “Heroes” went out by force.

What do you think of the cancellation of Heroes? Are you mad, sad, or glad?

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