Who better to help those working on the Gulf oil crisis than the man who created Waterworld? Kevin Costner knows a thing or two about the ocean and the Academy Award winning actor has gone down to the Louisiana bayou to help officials clean up this mess.

The BP Oil giant has a major leak on their hands and Costner has stepped in to nip the problem in the bud. Apparently, while on hiatus from acting, he’s ventured into the field of environmental technologies forming a company called, Costner Industries Nevada Corp and he’s using members of his elite drill team to get sh*t done!

The Gulf incident was brought to his attention by fellow actor Stephen Baldwin who was down in Plaquemines Parish shooting a documentary. Officials won’t reveal how much Costner has offered in terms of money or help but they’re saying that his presence is doing a lot to aid the cause.

According to Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, “Sometimes it takes a star to come in with their money and time to make a difference.” And of course the guy who became one with nature in Dances With Wolves would be the man for the job.

When it comes to clean water, Kevin Costner doesn’t take crap off anybody!

What other celebrities have stepped in to help the situation in the Gulf?

Source: MSNBC