Over at MySpace they’ve unveiled four new character posters for Warner Bros upcoming release Jonah Hex. the film is based on the DC Comics hero of the same name and stars Josh Brolin as the title character. Along with Brolin these posters feature Megan Fox, John Malkovich, and the amazingly talented Michael Fassbender. Check them out…

Jonah Hex is based on the DC Comics property about a disfigured gunman who travels through the Old West kicking ass and taking names later. Brolin plays Hex, while Fox stars as his love interest who also happens to be a prostitute. Malkovich plays the film’s main villain, an older gentleman named Quentin Turnbull who has a serious vendetta against Hex and will stop at nothing to see him dead.

Don’t you love the fact that Megan Fox is supposed to be a prostitute in this movie yet she looks clean and unbeaten? Shouldn’t she have dirty teeth, bruises, and be about 30 pounds heavier? She’s got that Pretty Woman complex where hookers look like princesses instead of street urchins.

Jonah Hex is directed by Jimmy Hayward and will hit theaters on June 18th.

What do you think of the new poster for Jonah Hex? Which one is your favorite?