First “Law & Order” gets yanked off the air and now “FlashForward” has been given its walking papers by ABC. Are we really surprised? The series that showed great promise when it debuted last fall has been dying a slow death ever since it returned from its winter hiatus. The story is all out of whack, it doesn’t take place in real time (they’re still in April), and the acting has become a parody of itself.

The whole idea of a universal blackout that gave people insight into their futures was an interesting premise. But somewhere along the line they lost David S. Goyer as the showrunner and the writing became pure crap. We were hooked the first few episodes but then we started to notice that they were trying too hard and everything got a little “hokey.” Joseph Fiennes as the lead protagonist was not the right choice. He began giving off a serious David Caruso, “CSI: Miami” vibe with his stiff acting and it turned us off. There’s only room on TV for one person to be THAT bad.

Fiennes wasn’t the only culprit. A lot of the characters were one dimensional and boring as hell. Courtney B. Vance who played the agency boss Stanford Wedeck could have been a cardboard cutout because he was nothing but an amalgamation of superior officers you’ve seen on every TV, medical, or procedural drama. He had no soul. He was a stand in.

The one person we will miss is John Cho as Demetri Noh. It was great to see him as this badass hero-type who had sharp dialogue and a beautiful lady to come home to. It was the first time in a long time that we got to see an Asian-American in mainstream media who wasn’t asexual or one note. Noh was the highlight of the show who stepped outside the box and we loved every minute of it. His performance will be missed.

“FlashForward” will finish out this season with the help of a lot of heavy editing to make the ending seem somewhat satisfactory. We don’t know how that’s going to work when it comes to Janis’ pregnancy but we’ll see what happens.

Are you surprised that “FlashForward” got canceled? Where do you think the show went wrong?

Source: EW