Have you ever noticed a striking resemblance between Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Eh, me neither. Deadline is reporting from Cannes that Willis has just joined the cast of Looper, a futuristic time-travel tale that reunites the Brick team of Gordon-Levitt and writer/director Rian Johnson. Before you get all smiley (assuming you’re a fan of the kick-ass Brick), let me introduce you to the premise…

Looper is about assassins who are sent back in time to exterminate victims (some would also call them criminals). Once they are bumped off in the present, there is no recollection of a crime in the future. Willis and Gordon-Levitt will play the same character in two different time frames, in which they will time travel to kill themselves.

I’m sensing some 12 Monkeys and Brick-esque plots in Looper, which would be completely fine except for the fact that, ah yes, those films have already been done. Regardless, it’s always a pleasure to see Gordon-Levitt onscreen and no matter what approach Johnson decides to take the actor will surely bring freshness to the story. Willis has starred in some of my favorite films (Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, Armageddon) and even though his projects have sucked in recent years this could be the one film that turns it all around.

What do you think? Can Willis and Gordon-Levitt make this film work?