While out on the road doing his comedy ‘thing’ Conan O’ Brien decided to stop by Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. He along with his sidekick Andy Richter were on hand to make a room full of employees laugh and feel uncomfortable all at the same time. He made obvious digs at his late night nemesis Jay Leno highlighting his lisp and his famous “it wasn’t my fault” defense. Check it out…

Over at Gawker, they’ve posted a 5 minute video (give or take) that features the best of O’Brien and Richter’s visit. In comparison to their usual routine they were a lot more aggressive this time around. They weren’t just going after Jay but they had a few choice words for Google too! At one point we think O’Brien accidentally (or intentionally) referred to them as Yahoo.

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This is the first time we’ve seen O’Brien come out full force with Leno insults. For the most part he’s been taking the high road on the matter (watch his “60 Minutes” interview) but not this time.

What do you think of Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter’s visit to Google headquarters? Were his jokes in good or bad taste?