Last month we learned that director Martin Campbell is taking an unconventional approach to his adaptation of Green Lantern. Instead of having star Ryan Reynolds wear the green suit from head to toe he’ll be laced in LED lights for motion capture and the computers will do the rest. Over at MTV, they’ve discovered a behind the scenes photo of the actor on set in his new costume. Take a look…

The Green Lantern’s costume was previously described as,  “a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with LED lights.” When the post production is all said and done it will look like “a manifestation of his power.” It’s time to see if they were right. Check it out..

Everything that was described to us a few weeks back has been proven correct. Is it bad that we would gladly wear his boots as part of a regular outfit? They look kind of cool. Also, does anyone else notice that little dog straggling at his feet?

If you can’t get enough behind the scenes character photos you can also check out Peter Sarsgaard in full makeup as the film’s villain, Hector Hammond.

What do you think of Reynolds motion capture suit? Do you think it’s a good idea for them to make it CGI?