Update: “Heroes” has been officially CANCELLED!!

When “Heroes” debuted on NBC back in 2006 it took the TV world by storm. The sci-fi show got under our skin and became one of the most watched programs on the network. But somehow, four years later the series that used to pull in 17 million viewers each week dropped to under 5 million. Many of us faulted the writers and the creative direction of Tim Kring but according to him there’s more than enough blame to go around…

NBC has been picking up new shows for the fall season left and right but we haven’t heard them mention “Heroes” once. There’s speculation that the network might bring it back for half a season just to wrap things up but they haven’t confirmed the decision. “Heroes” was once the golden child of NBC but now it’s more like an unbeatable cancer.

According to Kring, the network had a lot of influence on the show’s storylines and its characters, which drastically altered its direction.

“It becomes very hard to kill off certain characters,” said Kring. “The network has a very strong say in this, because of actors who are under contract and do publicity for them. It’s not just up to the writers to decide.”

We all suffered through their inability to let certain actors go. It’s no secret that they were obsessed with Hayden Panettiere’s Claire and Ali Larter’s Niki/Jessica/Tracy even though the audience loathed them.

Kring continued on about what he would have done differently if he had full control.

“I would have done fewer episodes. Thirteen a season is fabulous—you can really control the quality and the way you craft them. The sheer number of episodes has been a real struggle for us. Most shows shoot eight days, and we sometimes shoot as many as 15 days an episode. Season three took 15 months to make. Creatively, those 24 episodes are a hard number to hit. The other thing is that I would have started with new characters all over again. The premise is that this is happening to people all over the world, and the idea of seeing new people exploring this was really fascinating to me. But once fans fall in love with certain characters, it’s harder to do that.”

To be completely honest we hope “Heroes” gets canceled. There’s no reason for it to return. Everytime the writers try to redeem the series they just dig themselves into a deeper hole. Lets just accept that “Heroes” peaked early and move on. Come on NBC, let it go.

Do you think NBC should renew Heroes for another season?

Source: The A.V. Club, MTV Splash Page