This weekend Cate Blanchett will star as Maid Marion in Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Robin Hood. The Oscar winner is following in the footsteps of several talented actresses who tackled the role before her like the legendary Olivia de Havilland who appeared in 1938 version. But despite the amount of prestige that comes with the part Blanchett wanted to be one to the boys. She wanted to play Robin Hood herself!

In the film, Russell Crowe has the honor of playing the title character but Blanchett tried her best to convince Scott to give her the part. The actress is no stranger to bending gender roles. She received an Oscar nomination in 2007 for playing folk legend Bob Dylan in the Todd Haynes feature, I’m Not There. While at the Cannes Film Festival, which kicked off with a screening of Robin Hood, Blanchett told a room full or reporters about her aspirations to steal Crowe’s role.

“To be honest, Olivia de Havilland (a former Marion) was a great beauty but I always wanted to be Robin Hood rather than Maid Marion, but the part was taken.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to switch it up a little. Out of all the actors who played the role of Peter Pan, our favorite was Mary Martin. Even though she was a woman, they dressed her in tights, gave her a spunky hair cut, and she rocked the hell out of that part. Great things happen when you expand your horizons.

Would you be able to accept Robin Hood if he was played by a woman?

Source: NewKerala