Ever since its release last December Avatar has had its fans on edge. People have become obsessed with the fabled planet of Pandora and they’ve fallen in love with Jake and Neytiri. Director and screenwriter James Cameron has said on more than one occasion that he plans on Avatar being a trilogy and according to a recent interview some big sequel news is headed our way.

While in Seoul, South Korea this week, Cameron took part in a panel where he discussed 3D technology and its future in the entertainment industry. You can’t talk about revolutionary technology without bringing up Avatar so when he was broached with a question about the sequel he replied with, “The release date will be announced in a few months.”

Don’t get too excited because he also revealed that the film will take a good 3 years to produce. Even though that’s 18 months less than the original it’s still a long time to wait for some Pandora action. Cameron has stated in the past that Avatar 2 would primarily focus on the ocean of the planet. There will still be rain forest stuff but it will mostly take place under the sea.

When you take into consideration the 3 years of filming, post production, and marketing, Avatar 2 won’t be hitting the big screen for a very long time so get comfortable, this might take a while.

Can you wait 3 or 4 years for Avatar 2? Do you think the sequel will be worth the wait?

Source: Associated Press