Jean Claude Van Damme was too good to appear in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action flick, The Expendables yet he’s content with starring in another sequel in the long running Universal Solider series. The actor along with Dolph Lundgren will reunite for a fourth installment that’s expected to be shot this fall in 3D (face palms).

According to THR, Universal Soldier IV will be a reunion not only for the actors who appeared in both the 1992 original and the 2009 sequel Regeneration, but director John Hyams who worked on the last film will also return. Production is scheduled to begin in October and will be financed by Foresight Unlimited.

After Van Damme gave such an amazing performance in JCVD we’re really surprised that he’s fallen back into old habits. One of the main reasons he said he didn’t want to work with Stallone in The Expendables is because he felt that there was no real story, just action. What story can we possibly explore with this Universal Solider that we haven’t already seen in the previous films?

This is sort of a let down because it contradicts what he’s been spouting over the past few years. And the fact that it’s playing into the whole 3D trend isn’t helping.

Are you interested in seeing Universal Soldier IV?