We’ve got bad news for Sarah Silverman this morning. The foul mouthed comedienne has met her demise at the hands of the executives over at Comedy Central. The cable network has decided to pull the plug on her series, “The Sarah Silverman Program” opting not to renew it for a fourth season.

The third and last season of the show wrapped in April and dealt with several time changes before it finally got the axe. It was originally a part of the primetime lineup but then got bumped to midnight halfway through this year’s run. “The Sarah Silverman Program” was a fictionalized parody show that featured comedians Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Jay Johnston and her sister Laura Silverman.

We can’t say that we smelled this move coming from a mile away because we didn’t. We were under the impression that the show was doing somewhat decent in the ratings but the extreme time change should have been the first tell-tale sign that something was up. Oh well, she can always go back to doing stand up or making inappropriate jokes at awards shows.

Were you a fan of The Sarah Silverman Program? Are you surprised that Comedy Central canceled the show?

Source: THR