Veteran actor Burt Reynolds will guest star on one of the USA Network’s most popular shows, “Burn Notice.” According to EW, Reynolds will appear on an episode during the upcoming fourth season that’s slated to begin June 3rd. His character is being brought in to serve as a cautionary tale for Jeffrey Donovan’s alter ego, Michael.

“Burn Notice’s” series creator Matt Nix says that the 74 year old actor will play a retired spy who’s current life has taken a drastic turn since he left the “business.” Things haven’t been going well for him in his later years and he’s living under a false identity and profession.

“He’s now working as a bartender under an assumed name, and he gets into trouble with some very nasty Russian guys. He’s not precisely like Michael. He’s Michael should Michael succumb to some of the demons that haunt ex-spies.”

Dun, dun, dun!! We hope Michael doesn’t piss off the wrong people and is forced to get really bad plastic surgery and wear obvious toupees. Jeffrey Donovan’s too cool for that and we just couldn’t take it. We are excited to watch both actors ham it up on screen together and we love the addition of another sarcastic older gentleman on the show besides Bruce Campbell. No offense Bruce.

What do you think of Burt Reynolds joining Burn Notice?