With so much fun entertainment news all around the Internet today, we thought we would bring our readers the best ones all in one place.  Be sure to check out the different posts for some laughs and some good info to have.

  • Rocky trailer galore! If there was one thing the Rocky franchise was never short on, it was new installments to the film that made Sylvester Stallone famous.  Unrealitymag, has eight awesome re-cut Rocky trailers for your viewing pleasure. Rocky Balboa never gets old, too bad Stallone does.
  • Have you ever wondered just what the secret mission of the Terminator was? /Film has a 4-minute video created by a Chinese filmmaker which is worth checking out.
  • Calling all video game junkies! How do you decide which video games is better than the other? Unrealitymag compares the maps of the open world among all the great video games.
  • Every director has their touch, their signature “type” of filming or special way of doing things that lets people know it was a movie by that specific person. Buzzfeed has discovered a special “shot” that most Quentin Tarantino films include.
  • Need new ways to make money? Buzzfeed posted a short from a director who has a great new way to get money. Check it out and tell us what you think, is it exploitative or pure genius?

Swipe from Max Blustin on Vimeo.