Over the past few weeks MTV has been airing multiple promos for their annual MTV Movie Awards and their latest video has us on edge. It’s a parody of the Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker that features this year’s host Aziz Ansari and actress Kristen Bell. The two are shown celebrating a night at home when Ansari makes a strange and alarming personal request. Take a look…

Ansari is shown on a date with Bell and the two of them are watching The Hurt Locker on a new TV/DVD system that MTV bought him. The film is projected in 4D and it looks like the characters are literally standing in his living room.

When we first saw this we thought it was gross that Ansari asked Bell to disarm the bomb in his pants but then we felt bad when we realized he really needed help. Perhaps if his delivery was less slimy then maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t have left him hanging with a clock ticking on his ding dong.

The MTV Movie Awards air on Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET.

Will you be watching this year’s MTV Movie Awards? Are you excited to see Ansari host the event?