Last week the top secret trailer for the JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg project Super 8 premiered in theaters in front of Paramount’s Iron Man 2. Literally hours later a grainy bootleg version popped up online, but today we’ve got the real deal. The studio has released the official HD trailer for the film on Itunes and you can watch it right here, right now…

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Similar to Abrams’ Cloverfield and Star Trek teasers this trailer doesn’t really show us much. It just lets us know that in 1979 some materials were taken from Area 51 to be transported to an Air Force facility in Ohio but they never made it. Then we see a pick up truck crash into a freight train carrying “whatever” they were transporting.

What do you think is in the box car? Maybe it’s a baby alien? At this point any speculation is welcomed because this genre of science fiction isn’t my forte. Super 8 is scheduled to be released during the summer of 2011, which means it will debut around the time of Marvel’s Thor and Captain America. It’s getting crowded over there.

What do you think of the teaser trailer for JJ Abrams’ Super 8? Are you interested in seeing anything else from the film?