Lost” star Evangeline Lilly recently appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman and got grilled about the upcoming series finale. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel, Letterman isn’t up to speed with “Lost” lore so he doesn’t know what the hell happened in the past let alone the future. He asked Lilly to reveal the finale ending and she offered up an explanation, which could be accurate or complete and utter crap. You decide…

We think it’s safe to say that Lilly wasn’t being serious here. If she came anywhere near spilling the beans about the final episode we’re sure a poison-filled dart would have flew across the screen and into her neck before she could utter the words. Plus, if they tried to pull the whole “dream out” bit fans would riot in the streets. It’s such a cop out and just shows laziness on the writer’s part. “Lost” is smarter and better than that.

The show’s finale will air on Sunday May 23rd on ABC and will be followed by a Jimmy Kimmel wrap up special after the local news. We’ve only got three more episodes to go until it’s all over!

What do you think will happen on the last episode of Lost? Do you think everything will center on Jack or will they do a dream out sequence?