Can anyone really compete with the suave vampire next door that Chris Sarandon pulled off in the original Fright Night?  We may have our doubts but the people over at DreamWorks think Irish actor Colin Farrell has what it takes to fill his shoes. According to THR, Farrell along with “Unites States of Tara” actress Toni Collette have both signed on to star in the remake.

Anton Yelchin was previously announced to play the film’s protagonist Charley, a teenager who suspects that his next door neighbor is a bloodsucker. Farrell will play Jerry while Collette will star as Charley’s mom who quickly falls under the magnetic spell of the vampire. Craig Gillespie will direct the film that will be produced by Michael De Luca and Alison R. Rosenzweig.

If Farrell’s Irish accent makes the smallest appearance in this film we’re going to scream! He’s not a terrible actor but it’s hard to believe him in certain roles because his accent always fades in and out. Other than that reservation his casting is fine. Collette seems like a nice fit as the mom because she can work that naive, airhead type of angle. The only thing this film is missing is the teenage girl who’s Charley’s only confidant when nobody else believes him.

What do you think of Farrell and Collette joining Fright Night? Who should play the young female role?