Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood will be hitting theaters this weekend and in a blatant attempt to stave off the Iron Man 2 competition Universal has released a new action packed trailer. There’s less emphasis on the classic story and more put on the fight scenes. The film stars Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett as Robin and Maid Marion along with Mark Strong as one of the main villains (he plays the bad guy in everything!). Take a look…

Robin Hood tells the story of an expert archer who was a devout servant of King Richard and his fight against the French. When Richard dies Robin visits Nottingham and sees first hand the corruption of its government and the suffering of its people. He also falls for the spirited Maid Marion, a woman who is very skeptical of his intentions. In an attempt to gain her trust he puts together a rag tag group of mercenaries who help shift the balance of power from the rich to the poor.

Crowe can scream all he wants but there’s no way in hell that this movie is going to knock Iron Man 2 out of the top spot. The cast is great, the director is even better, but you can’t beat Marvel Studios’ current golden goose.

What will you go see this weekend, Iron Man 2 or Robin Hood?