Over the past few months we’ve been hearing about Paul WS Anderson’s 3D version of the classic, The Three Musketeers. According to THR, casting is underway and an Oscar winner and a slew of familiar faces have signed on for the film. Expect to see Christoph Waltz, Milla Jovovich, Mads Mikkelsen, Ray Stevenson, Matthew Macfadyen, Luke Evans, and Logan Lerman all in Anderson’s epic adaptation.

The story of The Three Musketeers centers on D’Artagnan, a young man who leaves home to become a member of the fighting force of the French king’s royal household. Along the way, he makes friends with three of the force’s best — and most disgraced — members: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, whose creed of friendship is “All for one and one for all!” The story was published in 1844 and written by Alexandre Dumas.

According to the trade, Lerman from Percy Jackson and The Olympians will star as D’Artagnan; Stevenson, Evans, and Macfadyen will play the famous Porthos, Athos and Aramis, while Waltz  and Mikkelsen will portray the bad guys (no surprise there) Cardinal Richelieu and Rochefort.

Jovovich will star as Milady de Winter, a former love of Athos. And an offer has gone out to Orlando Bloom to play arch nemesis the Duke of Buckingham but no confirmation has been given.

This film truly has an international cast. Waltz is Austrian, Jovovich is from the Ukraine, Evans and Macfayden are from the UK, Mikkelsen is Danish, Stevenson is Irish, and Lerman is American. It looks like this movie will have something for everyone.

What do you think of the cast for The Three Musketeers?