Mothers can be annoying. Mothers can be overbearing. Mothers can be psychos who kill unsuspecting people in their spare time. If you feel like you’ve been dealt a crappy hand in the mommy department perhaps you should take a look at those who really got the short end of the stick. We’re talking everything from co-dependent alcoholics to verbal/physical abusers to all out serial killers. So the next time you think you’ve got it bad take a look at this list, suck it up, and realize it could be a hell of a lot worse…

10. Stephanie Smith – 8 mile

Stephanie Smith is the ultimate trailer trash mom who’s more concerned with money and men than her own children. She can’t hold a job because she’s an alcoholic, she neglects her young daughter, berates her oldest son, and sleeps with men half her age. That’s mother of the year material right there.

  • Played by: Kim Basinger
  • Psycho Offenses: Verbal Abuse, Neglect, Gambling Addiction, Alcoholism
  • Danger Level: 5/10

9. Momma – Throw Momma From The Train

Misery loves company and Momma’s companion of choice is her spineless son Owen. She blames him for everything wrong in her life and with her nasty attitude and permanent scowl who wouldn’t want to throw her from a train? If we were in his shoes we’d toss her off a building, drown her in the tub, poison her oatmeal, or even hit her with a bat. The bitch has to go!

  • Played by: Anne Ramsey
  • Psycho Offenses: Verbal and Physical Abuse, Overbearing Behavior
  • Danger Level: 5/10

8. Beverly R. Sutphin – Serial Mom

Beverly Sutphin is the kind of woman who would poison your dog if it peed on her lawn. She’s the type of mother who’d beat her daughter’s boyfriend with a fire poker if she caught him cheating. If the smallest thing goes wrong she transforms from a happy housewife to a one-note serial killer. We’re all for protecting your family but this lady takes it too damn far.

  • Played by: Kathleen Turner
  • Psycho Offenses: Bad Temper, Serial Murders
  • Danger Level: 6/10

7. Mrs. Eleanor Iselin – The Manchurian Candidate

Eleanor Iselin only cares about 3 people, Eleanor Iselin, Eleanor Iselin, and whats the name…Oh yeah, Eleanor Iselin. She’s a master manipulator who uses men (including her son and husband) to advance her own agenda. She’s also been known to get too close for comfort with her offspring in order to get what she wants. We’re all for having a close relationship with your children but not that damn close!

  • Played by: Angela Lansbury
  • Psycho Offenses: Pathological Liar, Overly Ambitious, Attempted Murder, Incest
  • Danger Level: 6/10

6. Olivia Foxworth – Flowers in the Attic

Psycho granny Alert! Olivia Foxworth is a cold hard, bitch who hides behind her conservative beliefs to justify her abuse. She locks her grandchildren in an attic, starves them, chops off their hair (not in an attractive way), and verbally attacks them when they ask for simple things like water and sunlight. Even plants get water and sunlight!

  • Played by: Louise Fletcher
  • Psycho Offenses: Physical and Verbal Abuse, Religious Nutjob, Extreme Neglect, Delusional
  • Danger Level: 7/10

5. Peyton Flanders – The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

What’s worse than having a psycho for a mother? How about having a psycho for a babysitter who’s trying to take your mother’s place? Peyton Flanders has a serious axe to grind with one unlucky family and tries every dirty trick in the book to make them pay. She seduces her client’s husband, beats her children into submission, and falsely accuses a neighbor of sexual abuse.

  • Played by: Rebecca De Mornay
  • Psycho Offenses: False Identity, Compulsive Liar, Child Abuse, Assault, Murder
  • Danger Level: 8/10

4. Joan Crawford – Mommie Dearest

“No wire hangers EVER!!” Those lines sum up the bi-polar temper tantrums of Joan Crawford when it came to her adopted daughter Christina. She suffered from drastic mood swings and the smallest misplaced item could set her off. In the public eye she was “Mommie Dearest” but behind closed doors she was a narcissistic and paranoid nightmare.

  • Played by: Faye Dunaway
  • Psycho Offenses: Verbal and Physical Abuse, Extreme Temper Tantrums, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors
  • Danger Level: 8/10

3. Mrs. Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th

Pamela Voorhees took her vendetta against the staff at Camp Crystal Lake a little too far. We understand that her son Jason drowned while in their care but that was decades ago. What do the camp kids today have to do with some sh*t that happened 30 years before they were born? Enough is enough! Let it go lady.

  • Played by: Betsy Palmer
  • Psycho Offenses: Overbearing Behavior, Mentally Unstable, Serial Killer
  • Danger Level: 9/10

2. Norma Bates – Psycho

Norma Bates spoke from the grave and got her son Norman to do some heinous things like commit murder. Her presence overshadowed every aspect of his personality eventually causing him to don a wig and a dress taking on her physical persona. She not only turned him into a killer but she turned him into a cross dresser and not even a good one at that.

  • Played by: Virginia Gregg (voice)
  • Psycho Offenses: Verbal Abuse, Overbearing Behavior, Multiple Personalities, Serial Killer
  • Danger Level: 9/10

1. Margaret White – Carrie

Margaret White is a delusional religious freak who makes up Bible versus in her spare time. She’s overly strict with her daughter Carrie and constantly keeps her isolated. When Carrie tries to be social and attend a school dance, Margaret tells her she’s become possessed by the Devil (rolls eyes). Instead of giving her a good talking to, she slaps her, forces her to pray, and eventually stabs her in the back…literally.

  • Played by: Piper Laurie
  • Psycho Offenses: Highly Delusional, Religious Nut Job, Verbal and Physical Abuse, Assault and Battery, Attempted Murder
  • Danger Level: 10/10

Who’s your favorite psycho movie mother? Who should be on the list but didn’t make it?