British actor Toby Jones who’s best known for headlining the Capote knockoff, Infamous has landed a new gig! According to THR, he’ll star alongside Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving in Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger. If you thought Weaving was the only bad guy in this movie you were wrong, Jones’ will be his ally on the dark side.

The trade reports that Jones will play Arnim Zola, a “genetic engineer, who according to comic lore created clones and various monstrosities for Hitler. He also captured his own mental self, inserting it into a robot, and survived the war.” From our knowledge of the Captain America mythology, Zola is a “mad scientist” type whose crazy experiments get bankrolled by Red Skull (Weaving).

Captain America is scheduled to start production this summer in England and also stars Hayley Atwell as Steve Rogers love interest Peggy Carter and Sebastian Stan as his sidekick Bucky. We’re not sure how we feel about Joe Johnston introducing multiple villains in his first Captain America outing. If the film was being directed by anybody else we’d let this slide but Johnston’s track record isn’t the brightest or the best. He can barely handle one basic conflict let alone two.

What do you think of Toby Jones playing Zola? What actor would you have chosen for the role?