Over the past week, there’s been heavy buzz surrounding the top secret project from JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg entitled, Super 8. The plot hasn’t been described, no cast has been announced, and there was no countdown to the trailer. The first glimpse of the film debuted in front of Iron Man 2 last night (this morning considering how you look at it) and will continue to do so throughout its theatrical run. Along with the first trailer an official website has been launched to promote it and guess what? It’s one of the most cryptic pieces of marketing we’ve ever seen!

I attended a midnight screening of Iron Man 2 and saw the Super 8 trailer fresh out the box and it was a teaser in every sense of the word. It didn’t tell us much. There was text stating that in 1979 some materials were taken from a closed section of Area 51 and scheduled for transport to an Air Force Base in Ohio. Unfortunately, the cargo never made it because there was a huge auto/train accident that occurred while the “package” was in possession.

Take a look…

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After the crash the camera pans up and you see something hitting the top of a freight car trying to get out. The text then reads “It Arrives” and that’s it.

What’s in the box car? I don’t think the Cloverfield monster can fit in there so lets put that theory to rest.

What do you think of JJ Abrams Super 8 trailer?