With big movies come big trailers. After the excitement of JJ Abrams new teaser trailer Super 8 being released before Iron Man 2, it was only a matter of time before another one hit the Internet. Thankfully, it is Christopher Nolan‘s Inception. The film has been shadowed by mystery since the beginning. Only just this week Nolan has given us the film’s synopsis and new IMAX poster to help us piece together the gigantic jigsaw puzzle which is Inception.

But, to watch the new trailer, you will have to play the Inception viral game called “Mind Games” or you can skip all that and watch the kind of crummy embedded version below (it’s better on the site – best in the theater). The game is pretty fun, we suggest giving it a try even if you do just want to watch the trailer. The idea behind it is a very clever way of releasing a trailer; Nolan, along with Abrams, are becoming the master of viral marketing campaigns, they know how to cause a stir within the film industry and most importantly, keeping this interesting.

What does the trailer show? Well, I am not going to delve into it too much; there’s more plot (too much if you ask me), but if you are willing to watch the new trailer and destroy the surprise for yourself, you might want to memorize the synopsis before watching… it may make it a bit easier.

My advice, DON’T WATCH IT. This film will be amazing. Let yourself be stunned when you go to see it on the big screen, in IMAX, don’t ruin it for yourself by watching it on your laptop. But in case you do want to watch it. Here it is…

The new trailer does show some of the most startling film imagery I’ve seen in a long time – but that’s hardly surprising. The previous trailers only showed little snippets, but this trailer shows what the film is capable of. It has to seen to be believed… come 16th July.