Over the past few days Hollywood execs have been really trigger happy with their 2011-2012 summer schedules. Release dates are being announced every hour on the hour with the latest coming from Columbia Pictures. A date has finally been set for Men in Black 3 (in 3D) so expect to see Will Smith. Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin in May 2012.

Barry Sonnenfeld will return to direct Men in Black 3, which will have Smith reprising his role as Agent Jay, while Jones and Brolin are in advanced negotiations to star as the old and younger versions of Agent Kay. The studio expects production to start sometime this fall with the official release set for May 25, 2012.

We knew it! We knew that Brolin was being brought on to play a younger version of Kay. That’s perfect casting.  As for the release date, we’re not surprised that the film will open in May as opposed to July because the 2012 summer slate is packed with too much competition. Columbia obviously wants to stay away from Batman 3 and Sony’s other big release, Spider-Man. Men in Black and Men in Black II opened on July 2nd and 3rd respectively in 1997 and 2002.

What do you think of MIB popping up in May as opposed to July? What do you think about Josh Brolin joining the cast?