Betty White is one tough braud. She’s 88 years old and can still play a solid game of beer pong. That’s right, she doesn’t have any qualms about getting down and dirty with the college past time, especially when she has a point to prove. She appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Thursday evening to promote her hosting stint on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” She used it as the perfect opportunity to have a beer pong rematch because the last time she was on Fallon beat her. There’s nothing scarier than a senior citizen with an axe to grind. Take a look…

We have to admit watching White chug a cup of beer made us a little nervous. We don’t want to see her get drunk at her age. There’s nothing more dangerous than an older person who can’t hold their liquor. On another note, did anyone notice how she flashed Fallon as a means to “distract” him from landing one of his ping pong balls? His reaction to that was priceless.

Make sure to tune in to SNL this Saturday when White is the host of their Mother’s Day Special.

What do you think of Jimmy Fallon and Betty White’s game of ping pong? Who should have won?