I know this film isn’t just out, the trailer did not just premiere,  there is nothing “new” about it — This is just one of those great documentaries that slid under the radar and I can’t get it out of my mind. A friend of mine sent me the trailer and it reminded me about At the Edge of the World, and I thought “what ever happened like that movie?” Much like The Cove, it’s hard not to feel motivated to so something when watching the trailer. Unlike The Cove, it never won an Academy Award nor got the press or release it deserved.

I thought the least I could do to help bring it back to life, or help it possible go somewhere is post the trailer for you fine people and see if you could give it any attention. Check it out and see for yourself what we’re all missing out on….

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I have no idea how to get this movie seen or where you can find it. Or doesn’t appear to be available on DVD. Does anyone out there have any information on it? How can someone who wants to see it, see it?