NBC has confirmed that “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin will once again host an episode of their long running comedy show, “Saturday Night Live.” Over the course of his career, Baldwin has hit the stage a hefty 14 times going toe to toe with record holder Steve Martin. According to EW he’ll tackle the gig later this month for the show’s 35th season finale.

Baldwin’s episode will air on May 15th (isn’t that convenient?) and he’ll be joined by musical guest Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, who’ll be making their 8th appearance on the show. They last performed in 1999 and they’ll be on hand this year to promote their new album, Mojo, which will be released in June.

Even though we’ve seen Baldwin perform some outlandish sketches before, he has yet to top our personal favorite, “Schweddy Balls.”  He will never live it down! Take a look at the actor as he tries to push his meat on Molly Shannon and Ana Gaysteyer.

We wish the “Schweddy Balls” would come back. It would be awesome if Ana and Molly returned just to revisit this sketch.

What do you think of Alec Baldwin returning to host the finale of Saturday Night Live? Is he the right man for the job?