How many blockbusters can 2012 hold? In 2 years some of the biggest sequels and reboots will debut during the packed summer season including Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Batman 3. According to Variety, we can add Ice Age to that list because it’s getting in on the action too. The next installment of the prehistoric franchise will be entitled, Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The film’s release date has been set for July 13, 2012, which places it smack-dab in between Spider-Man (July 3rd) and Batman 3 (July 20th). The Ice Age series has been a money making machine for Fox with its previous installment raking in over $884 million at the worldwide box office. No plot info has been released nor has the returning cast been confirmed but we’re sure all our favorites will be back.

The film’s placement during the 2012 line up does seem a little odd but the movies surrounding it are going to be marketed towards completely different audiences. Anyone can watch Ice Age, it’s a general family film. Spider-Man will be targeting the teenage set (the reboot will center on a young Peter Parker), and Batman 3 is for the more serious comic fans. They all have their niches so maybe Continental Drift can survive amongst these wolves.

P.S. Like its predecessor, Continental Drift will also be in 3D. Don’t act surprised.

What do you think about Fox’s decision to release an Ice Age 4? Are you interested in seeing another movie?