Deadline New York has just broke the scoop that Casey Affleck has officially completed the mockumentary he directed about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix’s metamorphosis from actor to hip-hop musician. For the past year or so it’s been hard to tell if Phoenix has completely gone mad or if he’s actually been doing it all for a film – if so this may be one of the best films ever created. After seeing the video of his new music career, he was definitely making tricky to say “oh no, it’s all just as act,” and much easier to say “dude, that guys wasted!”

According to Deadline, the film has already made it’s debut and is still being kept tightly under wraps…

I’m told that the film made its debut in a private lunchtime screening at WME headquarters last week for buyers — including Harvey Weinstein — who were sworn to secrecy. WME is selling the film, and it may only take a couple of days to reach a deal… Presumably, the film answers Hollywood’s bewilderment about whether Joachin was serious about quitting acting — or whether he was just, well, acting.

This does mean that the film won’t be a part of the WME Global’s sales push at the Cannes Film Festival coming up, but that we will soon have an answer about what Joaquin has been up. If it is an act (which I hope it is) it’s almost like he’s created some kind of hybrid between Sasha Baron Cohen, Zach Galifianakis and Britney Spears. If he is just acting, it will be interesting to see how this ballsy move plays out in the future – will it be career genius of career suicide?

And the big question is, will he return to Letterman to show us the truth?

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