Tony Scott has been developing a big screen adaptation of the book Hells Angels for the past few years but it’s taken a back seat to some of his more recent projects like the upcoming action flick, Unstoppable. According to Deadline there’s been some movement on the Angels front that involves the casting of Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke and one of the stars from Transformers.

According to the site Fox 2000 is currently in negotiations with Rourke to star as Sonny Barger, the founder of the famous Oakland Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Last year it was revealed that Scott and Stephen Gaghan were developing the film’s script and now we’ve learned that Scott Frank has been brought in for rewrites.

Besides Rourke, sources are saying that Shia Labeouf’s name is also being thrown around for a part. We don’t know how and we don’t know why but it’s out there. Even though Rourke doesn’t look anything like Barger we can buy him as an ex-con and a biker. Labeouf on the other hand is questionable. Whenever his name pops up in the same sentence as motorcycle we see images of Mutt Williams from Indiana Jones.

Do you think Mickey Rourke can play a believable Sonny Barger? Who could Labeouf be?