When we heard about 20th Century Fox’s plan to produce a fifth film in the Die Hard series we were beyond skeptical. The last sequel, Live Free or Die Hard received mixed reviews and it was rated PG-13! How can you have Die Hard without balls to the wall action and F-bombs? According to THR, there’s been some movement on the next film and the studio has hired a screenwriter to tackle the new story. His name is Skip Woods and he’s the same guy who wrote the screenplay for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (face palms).

Woods doesn’t have a ridiculously long resume but he has written a few tentpole projects over the past 10 years. Besides Wolverine, he penned 2001′s Swordfish and who can forget his 2007 video game masterpiece Hitman (rolls eyes)? No story or plot lines have been released for the new Die Hard but after surviving run-ins with terrorists, traitors and psychos we’re not sure what’s left for John McClane to do. He’s turning into the film version of Jack Bauer. There’s only so many ways you can save the world.

As for Woods, he also penned the screenplay to this summer’s feature adaptation of The A-Team, which has us extremely nervous.

What do you think of Skip Woods tackling Die Hard 5? Do you think he’ll do a good job?