After spending the weekend recuperating from the deathblow Paramount gave Anchorman 2, we’ve returned to even crappier news. The studio may have also killed the long awaited Zoolander sequel. The announcement came via Ben Stiller’s Twitter, where he stated his doubts regarding the return of Derek and Hansel to the big screen.

Twitter has become the go to tool for directors and actors to keep fans informed of the latest happenings behind closed doors. Anchorman helmer Adam McKay spread the word of his film’s demise on his official page and now Stiller is doing the same. According to him,

“Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks.”

Damn, damn, damn!!! Even though the actor didn’t clarify beyond this statement, we think its fair to say Paramount didn’t want to cough up a big budget to make another film. The last time we checked, Stiller and Justin Theroux were working on a new script but after this pre-production probably won’t go beyond that.

It amazes us how studios can spend money of the dumbest, most mundane films (i.e. Strange Wilderness), yet something that has a cult following and is actually funny can’t get green lit.

What do you think of Paramount’s decision not to produce a sequel to Zoolander? Was it the wrong or right move?