Last night Conan O’Brien’s much-hyped “60 minutes” interview aired on CBS marking his first television appearance since his departure from “The Tonight Show.” If you’re like us your eyes were glued to the screen waiting for Cone Bone to break out the cold hard truth regarding what happened between him, Jay Leno, and NBC. Even though we’re used to seeing the comedian in high spirits, O’Brien seemed somewhat sad during the interview but after the year he’s had can you blame him? If you missed out on last night’s show you can watch the entire segment below…

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During the interview O’Brien confirmed that Leno hasn’t reached out to him since everything went south 6 months ago. No phone calls, no emails, no nothing. He also clarified that he’s not sure if Leno lobbied to return as “The Tonight Show” host but he does know that if he had publicly surrendered a TV show to someone else he wouldn’t have taken it back. Throughout this entire thing, we kept hoping that O’Brien would lay into those who have done him wrong but he kept his responses respectful and classy. He’s such a gentleman!

What do you think of Conan’s first TV interview? Did he respond the way you expected?