Last week, we told you about Iron Man 2′s assault on the foreign box office with openings in Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Korea, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Hong Kong. Whew! After all the numbers were tallied over the weekend, the film broke a few records and has already earned a healthy $100.2 million. That’s up 26 percent from the original’s international debut.

We’re not sure how much Paramount or Marvel dished out budget-wise for the Jon Favreau film but we’re thinking it’s somewhere near $200 million. If that’s the case the studios have earned over half of their investment back with four more days to go until it opens in the States. The first Iron Man grossed $98 million domestically during its opening weekend and if the sequel repeats history (or better), they’ll make a profit.

The film debuted in 53 foreign markets in traditional and IMAX theaters earning $2.25 million with a $47,000 per screen average beating out Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’s previous record of $2.1. million. Even after the film premieres on May 7th (in the U.S.), it will still have an opportunity to make more money when it opens in China, India and Germany next week and Japan on June 11th.

All this international hype has us wondering if Iron Man 2 will break any records on its home turf. The largest grossing comic book movie of all time is The Dark Knight, which hit theaters two months after the original Iron Man in 2008 opening with $158 million. Now that audiences are familiar with Robert Downey Jr. and know what the character’s all about do you think the sequel will rake in Dark Knight money?

How much do you think Iron Man 2 will earn this weekend?

Source: Box Office Mojo