Here is a generic interview sent to us from Paramount which is far more than we got out of Scarlett Johansson at the press conference for Iron Man 2. Although who could blame her? Robert Downey Jr. was in full form and dominating the stage (and everyone else’s answers). The interview below is pretty standard but it does give you a bit of insight into her character and all the hard work she put into spinning her web/legs around peoples heads.

Of course, no one at the press conference or in this interview asked her about her accent. What’s the point really? It’s not there and no one can change it, just go with the tight outfit and the kick-ass moves…

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We’ll have the press conference audio and story up for you shortly. You have to give it a listen, it’s one of the most entertaining

And you can check out Scarlett as “The Black Widow” in Iron Man 2 in theaters May 7th!