This year at the Tribeca Film Festival there were a lot of noteworthy movies to see. Here’s a quick run down of our picks from the past week, which include The Trotsky, Ondine, Nice Guy Johnny, Beware the Gonzo, Into Eternity and Thieves by Law. This little cross-section will give you a small taste of what the 2010 Festival had to offer…

I want to kiss Jacob Tierney for submitting his comedy, The Trotsky, to the festival this year. If your thing is intelligent humor with stellar acting and a feel-good ending, this is definitely for you. Slap-stick junkies be warned, some of the jokes are moderately high-brow, but I put this firmly at the top of my list. Rating: 8/10

In Ondine, Colin Farrell is surprisingly sympathetic as an ex-alcoholic, Irish fisherman who pulls a mysterious (and possibly mythical) woman out of the ocean. This wasn’t my favorite, but worth seeing if you want to experience a more skeptical, modern version of The Secret of Roan Inish. Rating: 6/10

Edward BurnsNice Guy Johnny didn’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well-acted, well-directed, and pretty funny. But I took issue with the basic premise, which made the overall effect something akin to yuppie mumblecore. College-grads whining about taking jobs they don’t want makes me gag. Rating: 2/10

I fell in love with Ezra Miller a little bit in Beware the Gonzo, a high school comedy about a band of misfits who learn to fight back with an underground newspaper. Think Rushmore meets The Breakfast Club. Rating: 7/10

On a more serious note, Into Eternity, a documentary by Danish director Michael Madsen, takes a look at the current project to build a Nuclear Waste facility in Finland, designed to last for 100,000 years. Madsen uses this as the focal point of this beautifully shot meditation on the meaning of eternity to a civilization and the ever-expanding consequences of our way of life. Rating: 6/10

Thieves By Law by director Alexander Gentelev offers an unexpectedly candid glimpse into the world of the Russian Mafia. This documentary features the stories of real ex-mafia men and features some truly gory stories. Anyone with an interest in the history of the mob will find this titillating! Rating: 6/10