According to Deadline, Ron Howard plans on doing the semi-impossible by adaptating Stephen King’s fantasy series, The Dark Tower. The director along with his producing partner Brian Grazer, Akiva Goldsman, and Universal Pictures are in the middle of a deal that will turn the 7 books into a theatrical trilogy and a possible TV series.

The Dark Tower novels are described as “King’s answer to JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.” The film will be directed by Howard and the screenplay will be written by Goldsman. Along with the three movies, the studio is trying to throw in a television package that will feature a small screen adaptation of the series.

“King’s books follow a wandering Gunslinger named Roland, the last of his kind, as he wanders across dimensions and other worlds on an endless quest to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be a nexus between worlds.”

If adapted properly, this could very well be a huge fantasy franchise for everyone involved. Their biggest obstacle will be determining what they will or won’t take from the books. You can’t logically compress 7 novels into 3 films without it looking like sh*t. They have to cut the fat so it doesn’t appear weighed down or too sporadic. That’s one of the problems people had with Watchmen. Certain parts were covered extensively, while others were glanced over or merely mentioned. We don’t want that to happen here.

Do you think Howard can do a successful adaptation of The Dark Tower?

Additional Source: Cinemablend