If you were an actor appearing on the most successful scripted television show on air would you ask for a pay raise? The cast of CBS’s long running drama “NCIS” are in that situation and they want the network to bump up their salaries before they sign on for any future seasons. Is Michael Weatherly and the rest of the gang really worth the extra money? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think…

Besides Weatherly, the cast of “NCIS” includes Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, and of course Mark Harmon. Out of the group, Harmon’s contract has already been locked but the other 4 actors are looking for more. According to Deadline, a couple of them are earning under $100, 000 per episode, which is considered low for a series that’s been on the air for 7 years. “NCIS” averages 18.94 million viewers (up 5% versus last season), and consistently pulls in strong numbers for the network.

Should CBS Give The Cast of NCIS A Pay Raise

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It’s really surprising that CBS is low-balling the cast considering the amount of money other networks have shelled out for shows at their peak. Back in the day, the cast of “Friends“, “Seinfeld“, and “Frasier” all received 1 million plus per episode. And how much does Charlie Sheen get for “Two and A Half Men?” He doesn’t even want to be on that show! It seems like they’re giving these guys the shaft.

What do you think? Should CBS cough up the extra money?